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Top 5 Klaviyo Features YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY!

If you're as passionate about email marketing as I am, you're in for a treat. Klaviyo, our trusty sidekick in the email marketing game, has brought in some game-changing features that will make your campaigns shine. And guess what? I've uncovered some of my favourite features within Klaviyo to help you supercharge your emails. Let's dive in!

1. 🎯 Design Wizardry: Unlock Your Inner Picasso

Ready to unleash your inner email design guru? Klaviyo now lets you create up to 4 snazzy columns within a section. Imagine the possibilities! Arrange different content blocks in these columns with ease. Play with equal or varying ratios to craft emails that are as unique as you are. Creating fun dynamic content is inevitable!

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

2. 🎨 Dynamic Backgrounds: Set the Stage

The secret's out! Klaviyo's "Sections" feature is your ticket to crafting dynamic emails with ease. It's like having your own design studio. Personalise your backgrounds, layer text, images, buttons – all while ensuring your emails look perfect on every device. The magic is in the details.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

3. 🔗 Universal Content: Edit Once, Update Everywhere

Say goodbye to repetitive edits. Klaviyo's Universal Content allows you to edit a section once and see it automatically update across all your emails that use it. Think about it – one-click updates, no more manual tweaking. It's a real time-saver! 

Pro tip: Create a Sale Section and save it as a Universal content block. Add this to your automated flows and update it whenever the Sale offer changes so that it reflectes the latest offer in all your flow emails. In. Just. One. Click! I love this feature more than I expected.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

4. 💲 Price Comparison: Show the Savings

Shoppers love a good deal, and Klaviyo's got you covered. You can now display both the regular and sale prices for your products. Side-by-side. It's all about showing the value of your discounts. No more math for your customers – they'll know exactly how much they're saving.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

5. 🌟 Customer Reviews: Amplify Trust

Here's a gold mine – you can request product reviews directly from your customers using Klaviyo now! Automatically. Imagine the trust you'll build by showcasing real customer feedback. Segment customers based on their ratings and reward them for their valuable reviews. It's a win-win!

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

There you have it – my secret stash of Klaviyo features that'll give your email marketing a boost. These gems are designed to make your life easier and your emails stand out. Give them a spin and watch your campaigns sparkle.

As an email marketing enthusiast, I couldn't wait to share these discoveries with you. It's all about taking your emails to the next level and making your subscribers go "WOW!"

Stay creative, stay engaging, and let's make your email marketing unforgettable!


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